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Most Exciting game of La Liga


La Liga is one of the most exciting leagues of the world because of the stardom and the names who play in this league and El classic is the most watched league match in the world because of the history which those two clubs share. 

This year’s most exciting La Liga match was also an El Classico not only because it was an El Classico, but because that was the match when people knew that Madrid doesn’t stand a chance wining the crown and it’ll be Barca vs Atletico for the race. 

Apart from that it was also the most important game due to numerous reasons, the first and most important reason was that Barca made Madrid realize that they aren’t the same team without Ronaldo and then it was important because of the questions which were raised on Suarez’s form and he turned all the fingers back which were pointed at him and he shut everyone who said that Barca needs a new striker. 

Barcelona played the hosts to Real Madrid who were four points behind them in the title race but they didn’t know that all those title hopes will be shattered after the match. 

Barca looked superior from the beginning although the possession of the ball was equally distributed that’s to Velverde’s technique, which completely destroyed the original Barca game which they were playing for years, holding the possession and not giving the ball away, this new Velverde chemistry costed them the match against Liverpool if you ask me. But coming back to El classico, Coutinho opened the scoreline in the 11th minute and proved all the critics wrong who said Countinho won’t be the same in Spain, and then it was Suarez’ time, who was unstoppable from the first touch. 

The next goal came from a penalty coming through VAR and Suarez made no mistake and then Suarez added two more goals in the 75th and 83th minute and then Vidal also opened his account in the 87th minute with a header. 

Madrid’s only goal came in the 50th minute through Marcelo Viera, this defeat was the 3rd consecutive defeat for Madrid and that is when they realized that they don’t stand a chance against Barcelona this year. 

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