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Three reasons why Real Madrid is suffering


Real Madrid has been in chaos since the beginning of this season, they were an utter disappointment. They were toppled by every single team away from home. The biggest club of the world have failed to again to prove their consistency. Here we have four reasons why Real Madrid is suffering so badly. 

1. Money Is Their Main Power

Yes, that’s the bitter truth. Real Madrid rely on money far more than they rely on their talent. There are no second chances in Real Madrid, you’re out of form you’re gone. The star player doesn’t like you, you’re gone, the coach doesn’t like you, you’re gone. And they’ll buy your replacement within days. We see many examples of players who were out of form for a season, but next year they became better, more than they ever were, many star players have bad seasons but in Madrid you cannot unless the whole team is having a bad season, just like they were having this year. 

After five six years there comes a season when Madrid crashes the market and secure the signatures of all the big lads of the world, we all know that nobody says no to Real Madrid. And then for next five six years they become untouchable but then there come the season where their class starts to fade, as they all age and then the reality of Madrid comes, what they are in real. And that’s what happened this year, you won’t see that with Barca or Juventus, because they rely on but more than that they rely on talent and respect as well. 

Look at Barca, how many legends they have creates, Lionel Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and ton others and every great club have produced talent from their youth academy and that what makes them great but it is totally opposite with Real Madrid. 

2. Departure of Zidane

Departure of a manager and a manager like Zidane, can shake you to the cores, Although Zidane has only managed one club and that is Real Madrid but look at the success which he has earned in Madrid, he’s been phenomenal and as he’s been a player himself in Madrid so he knows each and everything about Spanish football. 

3. Departure of Ronaldo

Although Ronaldo isn’t the greatest player in the history of football but he’s a goal machine and there is no doubt in it, and apart from being a goal machine he is also the most impactful player in the world after Messi and departure of a player like him can definitely break your chemistry. The world is full of talent but to replace someone of his caliber in one season is close to impossible.

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