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The Wall Street Journal Picks the Greatest of the World Cup Greats


The Wall Street Journal sought to put an end to the pub debates over who are the greatest players in World Cup history. Or at the very least, to spur further debate in oubs and bars across the world.

Their list isn't based on overall career performance, but rather direct performance soley in the World Cup. As a result a few names may come as a surprise.

See the full list below. Visit the Wall Street Journal to read the full article, "The Greatest of the World Cup's Greats".

Wall Street Journal Greatest of the World Cup Greats Team
Brazil flag Ronaldo, Brazil (F)
Brazil flag Romario, Brazil (F)
Brazil flag Pele, Brazil (F)
Gerd Muller, Germany (F)
Miroslav Klose, Germany (F)
cameroon flag Roger Milla, Cameroon (F)
Italian flag Paolo Rossi, Italy (F)
Brazil flag Garrincha, Brazil (M)
Brazil flag Jairzinho, Brazil (M)
Johan Cruyff, Netherlands (M)
Grzegorz Lato, Poland (M)
Martin Peters, England (M)
Argentine flag Diego Maradona, Argentina (M)
French flag Zinedine Zidane, France (M)
Uruguay flag Obdulio Varela, Uruguay (D)
Bobby Moore, England (D)
Franz Beckenbauer, Germany (D)
Philipp Lahm, Germany (D)
Italian flag Franco Baresi, Italy (D)
French flag Lilian Thuram, France (D)
Gordon Banks, England (G)
Paraguay flag Jose Luis Chilavert, Paraguay (G)
Italian flag Gianluigi Buffon, Italy (G)






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