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It's time to give the women's sport its due. Although they may not have been at it as long as the men, they're here to stay, and there's no denying women's soccer is growing leaps and bounds in talent and audience.

Below is the official FIFA All-Star team from 1999 World Cup, won by the USA over China in penalty kicks. Women's soccer is currently dominated by American and Chinese players, but the sport continues to draw more young women into its fold, and with new players and greater participation among the world's countries, new faces representing many nations will join this list.

China flag Sun Wen, China (S)
China flag Gao Hong, China (G)
China flag Wang Liping, China (D)
China flag Wen Lirong, China (D)
China flag Liu Ailing, China (M)
China flag Zhao Lihong, China (M)
China flag Jin Yan, China (F)
USA flag Mia Hamm, USA (S)
USA flag Michelle Akers, USA (M)
USA flag Briana Scurry, USA (G)
USA flag Carla Overbeck, USA (D)
USA flag Brandi Chastain, USA (D)
Brazil flag Sissi, Brazil (S)
German flag Doris Fitschen, Germany (D)
German flag Bettina Wiegmann, Germany (M)
Norway flag Ann Kirstin Aarones, Norway (S)


Mia Hamm
Mia Hamm - leading the way.
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