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WORLD XI - in celebration of the world's game, we pay tribute to the world's greatest soccer players and in those special games where they met and challenged each other. The players and the World XI games are a microcosm of what makes life on this planet great--an intensity, passion, and completeness towards a perfect goal, and that goal is always for a larger cause outside of the game itself. The World XI games are about greatness because they draw our attention to the diversity of our planet and how we can draw together to benefit the lives of others. Our mission at WORLDXI.com is to promote soccer and in the process promote world unity.

World XI - 11 ways to help Mother Earth

  1. play soccer for peace
  2. play soccer for charity
  3. play soccer for cleaner oceans
  4. play soccer for cleaner air
  5. play soccer to protect the rain forests
  6. play soccer to stop pollution
  7. play soccer to feed our children
  8. play soccer to recycle
  9. play soccer for World XI
  10. play soccer for love, love, love - Help Earthquake Victims
  11. play soccer not war



The "Black Pearl", EUSEBIO
WORLD XI All-Time top scorer
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