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Leônidas da Silva
Bonsucesso, Havanesa, Barroso
Sul Americano, Sirio Libanes
Nacional, (Uru),Vasco da Gama
Botafogo, Flamengo, Sao Paulo

Credited with inventing the bicycle kick, Leônidas was an innovator, commentator, and considered one of Brazils best-ever strikers. His skills were as abundant and telling as his nicknames: "Plastic Man", "Black Diamond", and "Magician". His speed, ball skills and flexibility made him a scoring threat with every touch. His peak play was in the 1940s, when he lead Sao Paulo to state titles in 1943, 1945, 1946, 1948, and 1949. Previously he won state league titles with Vasco (1934), Botafogo (1935) and Flamengo (1939). His winning ways brought the sport much glamour. He played for the 1934 World Cup team, and lead scoring in the 1938 World Cup, denting the net with eight goals and leading Brazil to a third place finish. After retiring in 1949, he became Brazilian soccer's leading broadcaster and an icon in Brazilian football history.


19 22



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