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Goals Against Aids
FC Barcelona 4
World All-Stars 3


In a benefit match to raise money and awareness for the millions of AIDS victims throughout the world, particularly those in Africa and Latin America, FC Barcelona edged the World All-Star selection 4-3. The result was secondary to benefit to such an urgent and worthy cause.

A lively offensive match, both coaches, Frank Rijkaard of FC Barcelona, and Johan Cruyff of the World XI, played a mix of younger and regular squads in both halfs.

FC Barcelona jumped to a 1-0 lead on a rocket from Andres Iniesta in the 15th minute. It was quickly answered by WXI's Nakata to knot it up 1-1. FC Barcelona poured it on before the half with goals by Deco and Cristian.

In the seond half McCarthy cut the lead to 3-2 in the 50th minute, but Belletti iced it for FC Barcelona in the 84th minute. Petrov scored the games final goal for the WXI shortly after to end the game 4-3.


FC BARCELONA: Valdés (Rubén, 46), Damiá (Belletti, 46), Puyol (Oleguer, 46), Navarro (Mora, 71), VanBronckhorst (Peña, 46), Fragoso (Márquez, 46), Deco (Xavi, 46), Iniesta (Verdu, 46), Giuly (Messi, 28) (Rodri, 82), Ronaldinho (Javito, 46) AND Cristian (Eto'o, 46)

WORLD XI: Jorge Campos (Abbiati, 46), Ostlund, Kompany, Pochettino (Kapsis, 46), Carboni (Escudé, 46), Obodo (Buckley), Nakata (Jorge Campos, 71), Baraja (Van Buyten, 46), Uche (Petrov, 46), Bojinov (D'Alessandro, 46), AND Owen (McCarthy, 46)

GOALS: 1-0, Iniesta (15'); 1-1, Nakata (18'); 2-1 Deco (27'); 3-1, Messi (31'); 3-2, McCarthy (50'); 4-2, Belletti (84'); 4-3, Petrov (87')





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